Our Team

Auto Mentors is a Pacific NW-based company that employs the best people in the business. With over 100 years of combined experience, our Personal Auto Shoppers have sold thousands of new and used cars to credit union members. We are FOCUSED, TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE and are always working for the best interest of the credit unions and their members. We believe that member service and satisfaction are the keys to our success.

It’s about CONVENIENCE. It’s about SAVINGS. It’s about TIME! CONVENIENCE is just the beginning. The Auto Mentors team of Personal Auto Shoppers are here to help you become a more informed buyer. We provide everything from initial research to the vehicle delivery. We will try to locate the exact vehicle you are seeking. If you are not sure of which car or truck you want, no problem. Your Personal Auto Shopper will answer questions and help you narrow down the options until you find the vehicle that is right for you. We want to help you find the vehicle you are looking for at a price you can afford. Auto Mentors has access to multiple inventories of new and used vehicles, making your VEHICLE SELECTION easier to find. We provide the CURRENT MARKET VALUE on your trade-in no matter what car you are purchasing. Auto Mentors will coordinate financing with your credit union. Most important…Auto Mentors will make your auto-buying process EASY and enjoyable like it should be!

Steve Uchida, Personal Auto Shopper
Portland/Salem Territory
Email: steve.uchida@automentors.com
Telephone: 503.830.2280
Fax: 503.496.3130

Steve brings a vast array of knowledge to the Auto Mentors team. He is one of the few Consultants who has previous experience working at a car dealership. If you want to hear some great stories from “the other side of the desk,” Steve is the person to ask. He has been helping members buy cars for more than 11 years, and enjoys watching members drive off in their new and used vehicles knowing that he played a part in protecting them from the awful games employed by many dealers. Steve has lived in the area for over 20 years and has many interests, including his family, golf, and Kendo (where he is a 3rd-degree black-belt).

Dale Gordon, Personal Auto Shopper
Portland Area Territory
Email: dale.gordon@automentors.com
Telephone: 503.380.8282
Fax: 503.496.3130

Dale has over 11 years experience assisting credit union members with their vehicle needs. He is relentless in his search for the best vehicle for his members, and his philosophy is simple, if it’s not a car he would feel comfortable delivering to a family member, he won’t deliver it to anyone. You will find that Dale has a vast knowledge of the auto industry and is able to pull from an extensive list of life experiences to make your auto-buying experience easy!

Roy Klein, Personal Auto Shopper
Portland Area Territory
Email: roy.klein@automentors.com
Telephone: 503.313.0502
Fax: 503.496.3130

Roy has been assisting credit union members with their vehicle needs since 2013.

Roy’s goal has been to serve each member as a trusted guide throughout their auto buying experience. This simple goal has built his reputation as an advisor with the utmost integrity.

Roy carves out time each week to teach his favorite subject, the Bible.

Roy credits this “Heart of a Teacher” mentality as the foundation of his ability to make the auto buying process simple and easy.

Shawn Mattsen, Personal Auto Shopper
Portland Area Territory
Email: shawn.mattsen@automentors.com
Telephone: 360.433.1241
Fax: 503.496.3130

Shawn is a true Pacific Northwest native, having lived here is entire life. He graduated from Sandy Union High School where he competed in downhill ski racing. Professionally, Shawn has an extensive Retail Management, Team Development and Customer Service background. He has successfully ran an arts and crafts store as a Manager that cared for his staff and worked with them to be successful. He has also worked as an Assistant Manager for a big box retailer and specialized in the grocery business. He worked closely with his teams that he had built to build the business and satisfy the customers. Shawn, along with his wife and two children have been Vancouver residents for almost 20 years and has been involved with their schools, daughter’s gymnastics, dirt biking, quading and boating. Shawn enjoys helping others, building relationships and looks forward to assisting credit union members through the entire process of purchasing their next vehicle.

Management Team:

Russ Johnson, General Manager
Auto Mentors’ Main Office
Telephone: 503.707.4397
Fax: 503.654.1244

Russ co-founded Auto Mentors with the intent to provide unmatched auto-buying service in the Pacific Northwest. He is a native Oregonian with more than 20 years of experience helping credit union members through the task of purchasing vehicles. Russ’ philosophy is that you shouldn’t have to fight to spend your hard-earned money; you should enjoy making the second-largest purchase of your lifetime! In his spare time, Russ enjoys photography, fishing, camping and attempting to play golf.

Amy Sponsler, Office Manager
Auto Mentors’ Main Office
Email: amy.sponsler@automentors.com
Telephone: 503.654.1244
Fax: 503.496.3130

Amy brings many years of organizational experience to Auto Mentors. She is a native of Oregon and has lived in Portland her entire life. She is an integral part of the Auto Mentors team and makes sure all of the licensing and titling issues are completed in a timely manner. She has worked in the auto industry for over 20 years, and has served in every role from receptionist to office manager. As Office Manager, she is responsible for fixing all of the problems the rest of us create. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Mary Johnson, Controller
Auto Mentors’ Main Office
Telephone: 503.654.1244
Fax: 503.496.3130

Mary brings over 30 years of accounting experience to the Auto Mentors’ team and has been in a variety of Accounting roles. She has worked in the construction industry, the law industry and the software industry as well as now the auto industry. As the controller here at Auto Mentors, she makes sure that we stay profitable and works hard to keep our accounting and human resource records complete while also helping to control expenses and increase revenues. Mary loves to cook, hike and travel. She spends some of her time catering various events for church, friends and family, as well as Auto Mentors.

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