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Welcome to AutoMentors

Are you ready to buy a new/used vehicle and don’t have the foggiest idea of where to start? Have you been out to car dealerships and gotten confused by sales-people wanting to sell you what they have in inventory rather than what you want? How do you know if you got a good deal on the car you purchased? Chances are, you are like most people looking for a vehicle, you want to do research, you want to trade in a vehicle, you want someone to help you through the process, and you want to have a good experience while you spend your money! You’ve come to the right place. Auto Mentors is here to help you find the vehicle you want at a price you can afford. You should have fun spending your money! Let us take the hassle out of buying your car. We will help you with your trade-in, help you secure financing through your credit union, and finally deliver the vehicle to you in the comfort of your credit union. It’s that easy!

So how do you get started?
  1. Use our webpage to help you narrow down your choice of vehicles. You can determine your list of wants and needs to figure out what you’re looking for in your new vehicle.
  2. Have a trade-in? How do you know what your car is worth? Talk to one of our personal consultants to help you determine the value of your trade. We will advise you on the best way to get the most money from your trade-in and help you to understand what that means.
  3. Do you have your loan approved through your credit union? We will help you navigate your way through the process by putting you in touch with a credit union loan officer to make your auto purchase easier.
  4. Take delivery of your new car! We will have the vehicle delivered to your credit union so the loan docs and car paperwork can be done at one time. We will walk you through the options on your new vehicle and be done in about an hour!

We’ll make it easy for you. Without Auto Mentors the auto-buying process has become very complicated. There is a lot of turmoil in the car market with car companies filing for bankruptcy and dealerships going out of business. Have you ever wondered why you have to play so many games just to spend your hard earned money? Well, you don’t have to play games any more. Let Auto Mentors help you buy your next car. We know your time is valuable. We understand the car market. We can help you navigate through the process and assist you with every aspect of buying a car.