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Yes, we can help anyone looking for a new or used vehicle. The primary reason we teamed up with Credit Unions is because they typically have the best options for financing a vehicle and tend to look out for the consumer, much like we do.

Yes! We will appraise your vehicle and give you a guaranteed value, whether you buy your next vehicle from us or not. The used vehicle market changes daily, much like the stock market. We research every trade vehicle, based on age, mileage, mechanical wear and fit and finish. We then ‘shop’ your vehicle with our buyers to determine who will pay the most for your vehicle. The one with the biggest check, wins! The only way to really determine a true “fair-market value” is basing the value on what someone else is willing to pay for your vehicle on the wholesale market. Do not rely on a computer program with general information SELLER BEWARE: One of the tricks of the trade is inflating the value of your trade to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about your departing vehicle. However, they will get you on the other end. If you end up at a dealership, the best way to determine if they are inflating the value of your trade-in is to simply ask them this question, “If I decide NOT to purchase the new vehicle from you, will you buy my trade-in for the same amount?” If they say “no” they are playing games with you.

All of the paperwork will be prepared, in advanced, and delivered with the vehicle. Your Auto Mentors’ Personal Auto Shopper will review all of the paperwork with you as you sign. However, before you sign anything, you will have an opportunity to inspect, test drive, and review the operating features. Only when you’re satisfied with it, will you complete the paperwork.

Yes. We will help you find the make and model you’re looking for. Keep in mind, used vehicles are like snowflakes – no two are alike, especially when they are older, a bit rough around the edges. We will help you navigate through the maze of vehicles, and make sure the vehicle is mechanically sound and right for you. Many people begin looking for a quality vehicle in the $5,000 range. When it comes to vehicles, you usually get what you pay for. Typically, $5,000 vehicles have over 100,000 miles and inherent mechanical problems. We want to make sure you know what you’re getting for the money you spend.

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